Lisa Robbins ~ The Good Witch

A book review by Mary McGillis
The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself was written by Lisa Robbins over the course of 10 years, and absolutely is one of the greatest gifts modern mankind will ever know. Lisa documents losing both of her parents to the standard North American tortuous cancer treatments, and her ensuing journey to the discovery that cancer has already been beaten.

Yes, the CAnswer is in her must read book ~ in a story so compelling and simple that each and every one of us owes it to our ancestors and to our children to read the interactive book now. Like many of us, I have lost family to cancer, but now know that this disease can be a terrible part of the history of man, if we all would only act on what Lisa has taught. Learn the 10 principles of pure healing, learn how to make anti-cancer teas, learn about tragedies that didn’t have to be. Get ready to cry and laugh and then to really live.

Lisa Robbins ~ The Good Witch

Lisa Robbins ~

Lisa Robbins, author of The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself! and founder of the Incredible Healing Journals, shares how you can heal yourself naturally.

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