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Mary McGillis is an author and radio talk show host living her bliss in Ontario. She is finishing her second Little People book, Zella and The Little People and continues to pursue her other loves: organizing events and talking on the radio! She is inspiring hearts by arranging Speakers From The Heart events and hosting her Trent Radio ~92.7FM~ interview talk show, Mary’s Moments. Please visit and for more information… or read one of her articles below…

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Celestine’s Sister Prophecy by Mary McGillis

Have you ever thought that you’ve made every mistake every well-meaning and even some mean people made? That’s what happened to me. In that revelation, I woke up. I am Mary, Sister of Celestine and, more recently, I have had revelations of events to come.

My story begins with an innocent question I asked myself not too long ago.

What was The Celestine Prophecy about anyway? Had nine insights, as I recall. I started my search…

Published by James Redfield in 1993, The Celestine Prophecy tells the story of a manuscript found in Peru dating from 600 B.C. The Manuscript predicts a massive transformation in human society beginning in the last decades of the twentieth century. The Manuscript is divided into chapters, each devoted to an insight into life. There were nine insights on how to build up enough energy to be connected so you can recognize the coincidences. Or said another way, the nine insights explain a method to connect to universal energy, leading to coincidences, or mysterious occurrences that change your life. Or yet another way, the nine insights lead to an understanding of what coincidences mean and how they work. To top it all off, the insights recognize the coincidences and how they work and teach how to construct a new worldview, insight by insight.
“Yes, I read it,” you say… Hmm. Me, too.
On a re-read of the book, I remembered how much of it I had forgotten. And, smile, smile, it was very timely that I re-read the book when I did. Drama-rama land was all pervasive (does it come in waves forever?) and I was fortunate enough to have many opportunities to practice the tenets of the manuscript! Remember, the basic premise of the book is to experience and then really understand the nine insights, afterwhich you will understand or perceive how life works and become a pure creator of your own world. Wow.
Let me see if I can summarize what I’ve gleaned from the book:
1. Sense of Mystery of Life

Insight 1 deals with being aware of the mystery of life, aware of coincidences and synchronicities.

In process of constructing a new worldview
Insight 2 focuses on perceiving historical worldviews, seeing the big picture of how the perspectives of the world have changed over time, encouraging a whole new view of world physics, psychology, mysticism and religion, that includes what coincidences mean and how they work.

Insights 3 & 4 show the universe as a vast system of energy and how human conflict began when some people perceived a shortage of energy and began a manipulation for this energy. Insight 3 encourages everyone to see beauty, to shift perspective or focus and truly see the beauty in everything surrounding you. The insight shares an understanding that when you see the beauty, you become an open channel to receive energy. Insight 4 recognizes that there are four main dramas that exist in our world. These dramas are competitions for energy, that all of life has become a vast competition for energy or power. The dramas include intimidation, interrogation, aloof (cold shoulder) and the poor me drama. Once you recognize the drama in any situation, you can silently be aware of which drama you are being dragged into, or you can vocally note that a drama is being created and you will not play a role in it. More importantly, you will learn to recognize what your control drama is. Yes! You must overcome your own way of controlling others (drama)! Are you an interrogation freak like me? I always thought it was called making conversation :) Or are you an intimidator freak like me? (Yes, you can have more than one kind of drama control issue!) “If you don’t make your bed, you’re not going swimming!” Yes, we even compete with children for energy. Once you transcend this cycle of conflict or competition for energy, with Insight 5, you will be able to receive energy from another source.

End conflict by receiving energy from a higher source!

Within Insight 5, you learn to consciously fill up with energy through the food you eat and by admiring beauty ~ the universe will provide all the energy you need once you open up to it. Sound easy? Hmm. There is one catch ~ first, you have to overcome your way of controlling others with dramas. Not so easy, but it is within reach when you go into observe mode. Yes, you must observe ~ not only others, but yourself! From the book, “I am consciously trying to build energy and deal with my control drama.” As my thought police friend would say, “I am consciously building energy and dealing with my control dramas.” Yes, just take that ‘try’ word right out and do it!
How we connect to energy, which leads to coincidences, which guide us through life, is not found in just one insight, but it’s all of them.

Clear out old, repeated dramas and find our true self…

If you look to Insight 6, it involves waking up to who you truly are and shows that coincidences will guide you through life. “Staying connected will be easier once you get clear on who you are.” For example, you must define your drama and reflect on your early family life. Look past the energy competition in your family and see the real reason you were there. Once you go into the past and see how your control drama was formed, you become acutely aware and more in control of how to label and stay out of drama. When you get to the point that you can label drama as it is happening, you can look at the person in drama mode and remember who he/she truly is and label and understand that it is a drama. The act of labelling actually separates you from the drama. The key is to not react to drama. You will never feel out of control again.

Staying in the magic flow

Insight 7 deals with the process of consciously evolving yourself by staying alert to every coincidence, every answer the universe provides us. 7 focuses on the way objects jump out at us and the way certain thoughts come as guidance. As well, 7 deals with dreams, especially bad dreams, which we are told to compare to the story of our lives. A general hint is that people and places who have answers for us (for our evolvement), will appear more luminous, more attractive and more appealing. Also, to understand that dreams come to tell us about what is missing in our lives, thoughts come to guide us and daydreams guide us, too. You must take an observer position to recognize thoughts. When a thought comes, we must ask why did that thought come now and how it relates to your life question. By observing, we release the need to control everything and we then are allowed to watch the flow of life. One other important point in 7 is about fear images. When a fear image enters your head, you must stop it and replace it with a good outcome. Soon, the negative images almost never happen. Your intuitions will be about positive only. After you have a control of that, and if a negative image comes, the Manuscript says they should be taken very seriously. “For instance, if the idea comes to you that you’re going to have a wreck in a truck and someone comes along and offers you a ride in a truck, then do not accept it.”

8. Knowing how to relate to others and bringing out the best in them, hmmmm. This one I’ve heard before… Insight 8 reflects on how we can aid others as they bring us the answers we seek and a whole new ethic on the way human beings should treat each other in order to facilitate everyone’s evolution.

9. Insight 9 is a revelation of where our evolution is taking us. Further evolution of mankind is related somehow to the experience of life coincidences. The insights recognize the coincidences and how they work. Wake up to who you truly are and the coincidences will guide you. There. Is that enough to pique your curiosity? I read it quickly and thought, “I get it!”. Then a friend asked me to list the 9 insights and I couldn’t! I read it again and took notes.

There is so much information in this article, but I had to share this synopsis with you because I have had revelations of events to come. One probable future, anyway. That is one revelation that I am not sharing, because I hope to inspire everyone who reads this article to reflect on the insights again. So read the book for yourself! And then to be open to your own revelations and create your own story. Dream on, friends.


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