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Mary McGillis, Author of The Little People series

Why would you be interested in a Speaker From The Heart? I have chosen several speakers that have touched me beyond compare and am honoured to present this portal to their websites… knowing that their passions will help others along their journey.

How my journey led to this very website begins here:

Mary and Adam DreamHealer

This story is about Ronnie Hawkins’ challenge and ultimate success in beating pancreatic cancer on one hand, and more than that, the story is my journey and how it began with Ronnie’s death sentence. Ronnie Hawkins, our world renowned rockabilly superstar who hailed from Arkansas but adopted Stoney Lake, Canada as his own, is the grandfather of my four children. His son, Robin, and I spent 20 years together, making great babies and living the rock ‘n roll lifestyle (kind of :)). After our first two children arrived, I began my ten year career as Ronnie’s manager. It was easy to manage Ronnie, as he has been credited as the man who brought rock n’ roll to Canada and is well respected by his peers as the man who has stayed true to music and musicians.

When he first was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on July 30, 2002, we (all of the family) were shell-shocked and didn’t know where to turn. After his operation on August 13, he said, “Five of the best doctors in the world have told me I’m dead, so get it through your head, I’m dead!” I actually wanted to rhyme all that right now, just felt like it, because I wanted to clean up what my children’s grandfather really said… only do that sometimes, honest!) Over those few weeks, Ronnie managed to convince us that he didn’t have long to live; his doctors certainly had convinced him! It was the saddest of times; trying to brace yourself for the loss of someone so wonderful leads to the depths of despair. Ronnie was incredible throughout all of his illness, a poster boy for the dying. Being his manager, his attitude made it much easier to deal with the constant barrage of press… everyone looked forward to Ronnie’s jokes and words of wisdom, even while dealing with the most difficult subject of death.

When Ronnie first found out he had cancer, he listened to his doctors and agreed to undergo the whipple procedure on August 13, an operation they told him he had a 50-50 chance of surviving. Ronnie understood that they were going to take out the tumour on the pancreas and parts of four surrounding organs. After the operation, Dr. Bryce Taylor sewed him back up, said that a vein was wrapped around the tumour so he could not perform the procedure and told Ronnie he had three to six months to live. That’s what everyone is saying now, but I think it was three weeks to three months. Irregardless, it was a short time and death was imminent, according to the surgeon Dr. Taylor and the oncologist.

Immediately after the operation, Ronnie’s friends rallied to support him. President Bill Clinton, music producer David Foster, chicken magnate Don Tyson, our favourite Tycoon Risto Laamanen and several others flew into Toronto for an intimate dinner with Ronnie. Throughout his whole ordeal, Ronnie was wonderful. He had a great attitude and promised that he was leaving everything in God’s hands. He was anxious to try something, though, and there were literally hundreds of people writing, calling and emailing the office with ideas on how he could get well or with well wishes and prayers.

Ronnie said to “pick one” and he’d give it a try. The thought of a healer never entered our minds. Robbie Robertson sent up a medicine man concoction, but Ronnie never did drink it. Ronnie never was one for drugs, other than marijuana. He had seen cocaine and heroin mess up and kill so many friends that he always told everyone to “stay away from those chemicals”. He loved grass. He spent hours at his 200 acre estate on tractors cutting grass, and one of his favourite lines was: “The only thing better than cuttin’ grass is smokin’ it.”

Being an eternal optimist, I was full of hope and actively tried to figure out which “one” idea to pick to cure him. Even though the doctors had given him the death sentence, saying that pancreatic cancer was fatal, I had spoken to people who had survived pancreatic cancer and were cancer free. I remember well one lady, Samantha, who was lovely and said she had gone to a clinic in Florida and part of her treatment involved wheat grass. I also remember something about a clinic in New York, one in Europe and another in Mexico.

Ronnie said he wanted to stay at his home and he did not want to travel to a clinic, not even in Florida, where he had had another home. Robin and I were hopeful after talking to several survivors, until after the operation. When Ronnie gave up hope, we all did. After mid-August we got used to the idea that he was going to be gone.

There was much fanfare among his friends and well-wishers, but we were devastated.

Then on September 21, 2002, well after a month after the operation, there was so much going on during that time, an email came in from Adam. It said that he thought he could help Ronnie and explained about long distance healing. He had seen Ronnie’s photo on the front page of the Vancouver newspaper and wondered if Ronnie would be interested in a healing treatment. I called Robin into the office, “Come here and read this letter; it’s like a Stephen King!”

Usually I could write a letter back automatically, but it took me a long time to write that letter back to him. I sensed the honesty of Adam’s letter and it’s truth resonated with me. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing and messing it up for Ronnie. Where I had never considered a healer, and my first thought would be skepticism or doubt if someone had mentioned one, this was different because of the nature of Adam’s letter. It was so real. Robin and I were both excited and I emailed Adam with a promotional head shot of Ronnie before I said anything to Ron. He emailed back right away and said he could do a treatment on Ronnie that night. I phoned Ronnie.

At that time, there were all kinds of people with him day and night. He was never alone. When I phoned, he answered and I asked who was with him.

“Nobody, I’m just lyin’ here on my bed with my dogs, dreamin’ of stardom.”

I was very surprised, because that was the first time in a month, and we were in constant contact. He went on to tell me that everyone had gone down to the lake. I told him that I wanted him to listen to an email that had come in and I didn’t want him to say anything until the end of it. Ronnie had come from the Bible Belt and his Mama was a Sunday school teacher and I was born and bred a small town Roman Catholic. I didn’t know how he’d react to it and it was our first glimmer of hope in over a month. I was so excited about Adam’s letter that I wanted him to at least agree to one treatment.

I read him the note and at the end of it, with no hesitation at all, he said, “Well, tell the kid to give it a try and if it works, tell him I’ll send him an autographed t-shirt for free.”

So Adam started the treatments. Within one week, maybe after three or four treatments, Adam said that the cancer was dead on what he called ‘the energetic level’.
I didn’t know anything about tai chi, chi gong, healers, shaman, medicine men or anything else in the healing circles. I’d been busy that last decade with children and managing Ronnie, not keeping up with what was going on in the world.

I had no idea what ‘grounding your energy’ meant or that people were made up of energy. So I took a crash course with Adam. I cannot imagine a better teacher and, of course, we got to see firsthand what energy treatments can do.

As Adam was doing the treatments at predetermined times, with Adam in Vancouver, B.C. and Ronnie on Stoney Lake, Ontario, Ronnie could actually feel them and see his stomach moving. Sometimes he said it felt like he was “giving birth to an alien”. If Adam said that he’d do a treatment at 7 p.m., then right at 7 p.m., Ronnie saw something happening to his body. He knew ‘this kid’ out in B.C. was doing something. So one of the the most important aspects of the healing was that Ronnie believed that Adam was making him well. Because that is one of Adam’s teachings: If you think you are going to be well, then you will be well. I used to think, ‘Oh, B.S… how can that be?’ How can you think you’re going to be well when everyone around you is telling you that you are dying? Ronnie had the benefit of a direct experience with Adam. As Ronnie saw his belly moving and felt the sensations, and when Adam said the cancer was dead, Ronnie started to look well. Still, the doctors were adamant that Ron would die.

Remember, Dr. Taylor had held that tumour in his hand, and he knew that meant certain and imminent death, in his world vision.

At the end of it all, when Adam said the mass was gone, the medical professionals confirmed that diagnosis with a ct scan and then an MRI to make sure, and Adam said, “I did not heal Ronnie, Ronnie healed himself.” We all rolled our eyes and said, “Oh ya, sure!”

Now, in retrospect, we understand a little better. We’ve seen these phases of Adam. I see why Adam wouldn’t be able to tell us everything at once; it was like he was letting a little out of the bag at a time. It was so much information that it became overwhelming. For years I felt like I was in information overload and couldn’t handle one more scrap of information. Of course, it’s all fascinating, but too much to handle all at once. I remember Adam’s father, Frank, saying, “Here’s another thought to stretch your imagination…” many times!

Phases of Adam

When Adam agreed to do energy treatments on Ronnie, it was the first time he was going to try to beat cancer. Why Ronnie? Their newspaper had been on strike, Liz, his Mama, told us afterward. The day that the paper came back out, Ronnie’s picture was on the front page, telling about how he was dealing with looking death in the face. He was marvelous talking about death and talking to people who were sick or dying. Everyone was very struck by how upbeat Ronnie was and how he repeatedly said he was leaving everything “in the Big Rocker’s Hands”. In retrospect, Robin and I talked about how it was like God wanted Adam to know that he could help people with terminal illnesses. The second phase of Adam, in my mind, began when Adam said Ronnie had healed himself.

I had developed a lovely friendship with his mother over the months of treatments, and she started talking about visualizations. I remember saying that I would never be able to do that. She said, “Oh, yes you will!”. How right she was!

Adam started to come to Toronto to do seminars, showing everyone how to do visualizations, before he wrote his first book. It was at the seminars that I learned that Adam was all about self empowerment. In his first book, Adam discusses how the biblical proverb says “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime.” But Adam took it even further: he said to teach a man how to build a rod. I had read books he had suggested about quantuum physics and was trying to wrap my brain around these new ideas when I went to his first seminar. He was sixteen and amazing. He’s just so fascinating. Every single time I’ve seen him, he has thrilled me to the core with his honesty and simple ways of explaining complex concepts. About a month after I saw him for the first time, when I still considered him some type of miracle healer, I learned how to make my visualizations work. He had been telling me for months that “You don’t need me for this, you can do this yourself.” But living through the Ronnie drama and based on my own life experience, I believed that Adam was a special person who had extraordinary healing powers and Ronnie’s cancer free diagnosis was directly a result of Adam’s treatments, since Ronnie had done absolutely nothing else to get rid of the cancer. I still couldn’t believe that Ronnie had healed himself, even though Adam professed this to be true. After learning a little more about energy treatments and about mind over matter, Robin and I thought that since Ronnie could see movement in his stomach at the precise time Adam said he would start the treatment, that Ronnie believed he was going to be well, and that’s why he got well. Because that’s what Adam says: If you think you are going to get well, then you will get well. I had a hard time believing that Ronnie made himself well, but if you consider that it was his immune system that kicked in when Adam did his thing, then Ronnie did heal himself! We were all very thankful to God that Adam was brave enough to use his gift to help Ronnie regain his health. Remember, Ronnie was the first time Adam tried to help someone with cancer; he was sixteen!

About a month after I attended Adam’s first workshop, I woke up with a terrible sore throat, so I thought I’d try one of the visualizations that Adam had described and it worked immediately. I thought just by breathing in that I was grounding my energy. I’ll tell you for that first time how I did it, how I interpreted what Adam had said at the seminar. Adam tells a method and everyone takes something different away from his lesson. You have to make your own plan. Adam says that everyone must develop their own healing visualization regimen and that everyone’s body will tell them what is right for them. He stresses that you must listen to your body.

Back to the sore throat! When it went away so easily, literally after a few breaths, I thought I must not have had a sore throat because it went away so fast. I just could not believe that I could help myself, that I could affect my health with my mind. A few weeks later, I woke up with an inflamed throat that hurt so much that I knew I had swollen glands, too. I thought immediately that visualizations wouldn’t work because it was so bad and my second thought was that if visualizations could kill cancer cells, then visualizations could kill germs! I did three different visualizations during the day and by the time I did my third visualization at suppertime, the swollen glands and the sore throat were totally gone. That was my AhHa moment. I knew that energy visualizations worked for me. That was a huge turning point in my life, knowing that I could help myself. Another incredible Adam gift to me. As my mother often said, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” How empowering for one human being to help another human understand their own individual healing potential!!! The greatest teacher I ever had… and a sixteen year old at that time. It boggles my mind that we are not teaching children about the energy system at schools in Canada right now.

When my sore throat cleared, I thought back to Liz, Adam’s mother, who had said you can do this yourself, Mary, when I thought there was no way I would ever be able to do it. What is interesting to me in retrospect, is that I remember Adam always saying, “Just listen to your body, it will tell you what to do.” He would give you the idea of what he might do for a visualization and you would run with it. As time went on, I found that to be “more and more true”… ha! Ever the doubting Thomas!

Near the beginning of my AhHa moment, an old friend from Calgary whom I had not spoken to in a few years, called. She did not know the Ronnie/ Adam story and, much like myself, did not have any background knowledge about quantuum physics or anything new agey.

I explained to her how you could do these visualizations, how I grounded my energy and how I had healed myself! She phoned me a few weeks later, still not having read up on anything else, just going with what I had passed along to her verbally, and she told me how she had arthritis in her wrists for seven years. She told me how she had done one visualization on them, and surprisingly to me, said she had used flames, when I had not mentioned flames at all to her! She said that she just knew that flames would help after I had talked to her, so she tried them. She said the pain went away the very first time she tried it and, to this very day, has never returned. That was after seven years of very painful flareups! She could not believe it, having had dealt with the pain for so long. Her experience was very reaffirming to me. Especially since Adam says that your body will tell you which visualizations to use. You must quiet your mind and listen to your body.

To be continued (still typing it in when I make the time :)