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Debi Fitzgerald: Environmental Artist

Creator of The Healing Journey The Healing Journey is one of Debi’s most important creations. The twelve 4’x 6’ canvases depict stages of grieving after loss. The Healing Journey is a travelling exhibit, one which the Sacred Water Circle ~ ~ hopes to showcase at gatherings, as water is […]

Reverend James McShane ~ Earth Changer

Reverend James McShane, Author of The Shadow On Our Soul Earth Change 2012 What We Fear We Attract. A Master Teacher called FEAR has been running the evolution of our species since the fall of the angels. Traditional religions potentially teach through fear. Governments control the masses through fear and […]

Jeanne Thompson ~ Number Genie

Inspirational writer and intuitive numerologist, Jeanne Thompson blends shamanistic understandings, tarot and sacred geometry to share how you can enhance your unique gifts. Jeanne’s Jewels for February 4, 2011: The Cosmic One It is of the utmost importance that you, who are One, think with your heart… not your mind. […]

Mary McGillis ~ Arranger

Mary McGillis, Mary McGillis is an author and radio talk show host living her bliss in Ontario. She is finishing her second Little People book, Zella and The Little People and continues to pursue her other loves: organizing events and talking on the radio! She is inspiring hearts by arranging […]