Reverend James McShane ~ Earth Changer

Reverend James McShane, Author of The Shadow On Our Soul

Earth Change 2012

What We Fear We Attract.

A Master Teacher called FEAR has been running the evolution of our species since the fall of the angels. Traditional religions potentially teach through fear. Governments control the masses through fear and mainstream media attract viewers through the use of fear. According to the Law of Attraction what we direct our attention to we manifest, so what we have been attracting for centuries is whatever we’re most afraid of.

What We Love We Embrace.

With the Earth Change, a new Master Teacher is emerging to take the place of fear and that is the energy of LOVE. Love and Fear or Light and Dark live side by side. When we have the courage to confront our fears for the benefit of healing, our darkest hours become our brightest moments. An Earth Changer’s work comes directly from the heart. Simply put, by loving we can heal ourselves and the world!

As Earth Changers we See Light, Feel Love and Manifest Wisdom.

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