Bearcloud ~ Native American Symbols and Meanings

Bearcloud, an expert of native american symbols and meanings and their relationship to egyptian symbols, is the author of “7 Fires”.  He saw starglyphs in crop circles and travelled from Sedona to England to Egypt in search of answers to The Great Mystery.

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Visionary Artist: Bearcloud

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Bearcloud, author of 7 Fires.

Bearcloud Shares Ancient Secrets

Chiwah Carol Slater’s Book Review of 7 Fires in The Life Connection Magazine

Why does the top of Egypt’s Bent Pyramid slope at a different angle from its lower walls? What is the significance of the drop in the walkway of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid? How can we explain pyramid “passageways” that go nowhere?

And… why would these and other ancient secrets of Egypt’s ancient pyramids be revealed in the late 20th century to a Native American who had never given any thought at all to Egyptology?

After years of intuitive visioning and on-site research, Bearcloud, a Ni-U-kon-ska visionary artist and owner of two galleries in Sedona, Arizona, continues to puzzle over that question. ‘7 Fires’ is the enthralling story of a series of mind-boggling events that began to unfold some 25 years ago with a vision of an unusual stone symbol that took him to a particular mountain in Arizona… and back thousands of years into the prehistoric symbols of his own ancestors.

Haunted by the implications of that stone symbol, he was stunned to see it reappear, years later, on a magazine cover depicting a photo of a mysterious circle laid down in a field in England. Thus began a research project that would send Bearcloud to England, Egypt, and South America to uncover and document an intricate web of answers to conundrums that have forever stumped pyramid researchers.

His discoveries indelibly link the design of the pyramids to ancient indigenous symbols found all over the world and to a star language of which modern scholars are woefully ignorant.

Bearcloud happens to be a longtime friend from my years in Sedona, and I had the honor of working with him on this book. That said, what you’re reading here is not an impartial review. At the same time, I can offer you assurances I couldn’t offer if I didn’t know him so well: I can assure you that he is a wise and profoundly authentic man, a man deeply committed to a higher truth. He is perhaps the most balanced human being I know – a man who has learned to trust his visions, to probe in search of further revelation; still and all, he is detail-oriented and a realist, and you will find his claims borne out by a hundred or so meticulously detailed full-color geometric drawings in the beautiful “Legends” section at the back of the book.

From beginning to end, this first edition of ‘7 Fires’ is a collector’s dream. The hardbound book is a work of art, complete with representations of several of Bearcloud’s inimitable spirit paintings; I cannot believe he’s making it available at this price. The posters are exquisite and precise, the DVD fascinating, and the cardboard slipcase makes this a unique, gorgeous package.

— Chiwah Carol Slater

Bearcloud, author of 7 Fires.

Bearcloud Transcript from Mary’s Moments: January, 2010

MM Welcome to Mary’s Moments everyone ~ we’re here at Trent Radio 92.7FM inspiring hearts! Today, we have a very special guest joining us from Sedona, Arizona, a visionary artist and vision seeker, Rod Bearcloud Berry, from Bearcloud, welcome ~ You are a world renowned artist ~ he’s incredible everyone, you have to check out his art at, but for people who don’t know about your other life, we’re lucky on this planet to have you, because you’ve turned out to be a world class forefront expert on crop circles, or starglyphs… You actually coined that phrase, starglyphs, right Bearcloud?!

BC Yes, I did, back in early 1998, I realized that these glyphs were a gift from the stars, so I called them star glyphs, and that the teachings in them were related.

MM There are so many, too, that are on your website. In particular, I was reading a little bit on the site today ~ and you said you didn’t understand the dolphin starglyph until much later there was a chakra starglyph that came. Can you tell us a little bit about that.

BC It appeared around the middle of July ~ around the 16th I believe it was, in 1998, in my favorite field, which was called East Field. It was a magical star glyph. It began an incredibly magical journey. Like I say, I spent three and a half years looking at and researching that one star glyph alone. So, It was truly amazing. The place is called Golden Ball Hill, and known from the ancient people there to have these golden orbs that are seen around the mountain from time to time and so for centuries it has been called Golden Ball Hill. There was a starglyph that appeared on the edge of that, that resembled two dolphins with a series of circles. Many years later, probably around 2004, somewhere in there, a formation appeared that looked like a very strange sort of chakra line of circles. I was able to see insight into that one and realized that it was constructed of a series of stars that told a story. And was literally the star nation version of the chakra system as it would relate to the universe, to the stars. It was really, really an amazing thing.

MM It’s incredible that we have someone on the planet right now, you, that can interpret these. Well, you’ve now put all of that knowledge together that you’ve been collecting over the past decade into this new book called Seven Fires. Do you think the world is ready for this knowledge now?

BC Well, it’s all come at a perfect timing and you know within the book the seven fires are actually seven star glyphs. Very unusual, very important star gylphs that found their way to the surface of this planet. And within them were incredibly advanced, highly spiritual teachings that I believe literally came from the stars. And it is meant to assist every single being on this earth. They are amazing. And so part of this book is what these seven fires have to do with and how they can assist and help our journey.

MM And you have created this website called to put out the message that the star nation people have brought to earth and you have now created this book with all of this knowledge in it as well. There is so much information, Bearcloud, on your websites… it’s incredible. One thing I’d like to take a moment and read from your website is about the dolphin and chakra starglyphs because this tells people, I think, how incredibly beautiful your words are as well as your paintings and something important, I think, that people need to hear: The symbology was reflecting the deeper ways of universal and self love ~ that’s in the dolphin starglyph you were talking about ~ then it says: It expressed swimming into the waters of the universe and reflecting the greatest light. If one looks at the water when the sun is reflecting on the water, it prisms the light into magical beams made of stars that reach into every direction. This is the essence of what we are gifted with when we are able to walk with these understandings as part of our everyday world. Now Bearcloud, that is so beautiful, the analogy, the words, everything. And that is just one tiny part of your website and now you have this incredible book called The 7 Fires coming out. So congratulations and thank you. We’re lucky to have you on the planet, Bearcloud.

BC Thank you so much. One of the, one of the more important parts of the book is perhaps… as I was taking this journey, understanding these starglyphs, I was gifted from some type of source, and it remains a little bit unexplainable to me, the very secrets of the pyramids that people have been searching for for five thousand years.
Um. They’re not quite as what people believe and what archaelolgists and Egyptologists have led people to believe. They really are constructed of some very special ways that have remained dormant for 5000 years. And what I’ve done in this book, is I’ve uncovered those things and I’m revealing them right now and the very special meaning that exists with those. And I can tell you now, they are amazing, beyond comprehension.
And there’s just not words that can express how important they really are, actually.

MM Well, I heard from a very good source that this book is going to set the world on fire.

BC Oh, thank you (woshtang? Ask Bearcloud… I don’t know the word/spelling!)

MM Ah, one thing, then, to lead into what you’re speaking about with the pyramids now, this is all new information that is coming to mankind.

BC That is very correct.

MM And it’s coming through the Star Nation People.

I remember a few years ago on your website you had a piece that’s still there that says “What do we do with the starglyphs?” You wrote: The starglyphs open the door for each person to carry their own staff of truth, their own pillar of light. Each person is to be a shining beacon.” Now that is so incredible. And here, look it, only a few years later, Bearcloud, you now have gifted the world with a book called Seven Fires.

BC Were-te. Thank you.

MM Well, you talked about the pyramids being a structure that allows a connection, too. So can you tell us a little bit more about that?

BC Yes. I’ve been given the understanding and the secrets hidden behind each pyramid and I can promise you when you see it you will understand it yourself. I won’t have to convince you of anything. You’ll know right off that it carries the absolute truth. So each one was designed specifically for a particular way, particular understanding and journey. They are not the same. They are completely different from each other. Each one carrying a different kind of understanding and a different kind of message designed for the people at this time. At that time. But that same message can stand 5000 millenia and carry the same truth to every person who journeys this earth right now. They are really amazing.


Part of the dilemma in trying to explain these glyphs and what is there requires pictures. I’m a visionary. I’m a vision seer. So the things I have transposed into visual images and a lot of this understanding comes if you understand that a picture can carry a thousand words. It can touch every part of every cell of a person’s existence in a glance. It’s these pictures and the things that are contained within the book that are so telling and so revealing and so important. And there’s 150 colour pages in this book.

MM That’s incredible. So what are the images we can look forward to seeing. Are they your paintings and starglyphs?

BC The different stories of the hidden understandings of the starglyphs that were important to me and while there are many man made ones, these ones that I am interested in carry universal messages that are every bit a match for the greatest cultures on this planet and move in harmony with those ~ whether it’s the Buddhists, the Hindu, the Native American, all of them, all of the ancient spiritual traditions everywhere, related to all of them. And so um um those those images are the ones that I have revealed the unseen qualities that exist within them and shown how to understand the stories that exist.

MM That is spectacular. I am so excited to hear all of this from you, Bearcloud, because you are one that walks with integrity. There’s no doubt about that. One thing that you said earlier is that you are unfolding the whole magical journey of why the pyramids were built, in your story. Now that’s incredible. Tell us about… you said about there is an underlying current of what caused them to be built the way that they were but about the people that did build them and what went so wrong … whatever… what we’ve forgotten.

BC It’s hard to really look back and know exactly what went wrong, but my suspicion is that these initial beings, the ones that built it, the people that built it… there’s a lot of things surfacing that really question what were the influences behind these things being built. You’ll understand when you read the book, why. And I believe what may have happened is what happens all the time. As their years evolved and millenia fell one after another, people who weren’t quite in harmony with Spirit as what the original people were, began to, I believe they began to take it down a step. Perhaps they began to hoard their knowledge, something that was meant for them only and not for the others. There are many different stories that can be seen in it, like that. But what happened, is that I believe that as time evolved and as millenia fell, that so did the knowledge and the meaning behind what the original understanding was. And perhaps pharoahs and such changed the meaning as they went along when they may not necessarily have been walking a higher path themselves, but perhaps walking a place of power and ego. Things like that. Things that really don’t serve the people, but more of a self-serving type of concept. And so the original information became lost in the sands of the Sahara Desert.

MM Well, and as our planet has fallen out of harmony, this book is a catalyst that will put it back together.

BC Wash-te.

MM Another thing that you speak about is the higher path. I like the word you used: evolvement. How you are saying that this book will help people to evolve onto a higher path.

BC Yes.

MM People that are seeking.

BC Yes.

MM Those are big words.



MM So on the website what is the name of that special starglyph?

BC It was called the East Field Starglyph and it’s actually a hectagon shape. Truly an amazing starglyph actually and there were some very faint circles in the field hidden beneath the ley of the crop that opened it up to realize what this starglyph actually contained. That starglyph is actually one of the 7 fires of my book. There are seven different starglyphs that had appeared that have very special teachings that come from from the highest places that I could possibly describe. They are messages that are meant for all of humanity. Each one of these starglyphs carries a very special gift and so that’s why the book was actually called 7 Fires.

MM You said that it was literally a book of spiritual knowledge hidden in this starglyph.

BC Yes, it is. It had contained over 52 different symbols and I’ve spent three and a half years uncovering what was in that one starglyph. It was one of the most amazing things that I’ve ever seen. It was incredible. Yes, literally a Star Nation Book of Spiritual Knowledge. Each one of those symbols carried a message and was an infinite understanding within itself, meant as a message for every person and designed and constructed for every person that did exist. Everyone can understand this and everyone is related to it.

MM It’s funny that you mention that, because a few years ago I remember on your website ~ if you go to you can access all of Bearcloud’s websites ~
you had a heading that said, “What Do We Do With The Starglyphs?” and on that page, it said, “The starglyphs open the doors for each person to carry their own staff of truth, their own pillar of light. Each person is to be a shining beacon.” So you’ve opened up the door for people with this 7 Fires book, Bearcloud, that they can access this information that is going to help everybody to evolve.

BC Wash-te, thank you. Another thing that the book reveals is that as I was working on these starglyphs, I was given some very unique information, and I quite honestly can’t you why it was given to me… perhaps it’s the timing. It could be many different things. I have to tell you, it’s mystifying to me, too, but I am a seer and a vision seeker so it is the nature of my journey to see these type of things, but what was revealed to me was the very secrets of the pyramids that people have been looking for for 5000 years. And it reveals some of the most incredible understanding about those pyramids that words
really cannot explain it. Every pyramid on that Giza plateau had a different reason and purpose for being there, none of which really is related to what the archaelologists and Egyptologists suggest that they are. Each one had an understanding and a gift for all of humanity. It was designed originally for the people of Egypt and their path and journey as they went along, but I can tell you now that those understandings can span five millenium and be understood by every person on this planet in the same way and they are connected to it just as much as those ancient people were 5000 years ago. They are amazing beyond comprehension. People have no idea. It’s amazing.

MM Well you said earlier when we were speaking that the book unfolds the whole magical journey of why the pyramids were built.

BC Yes, that’s right. It does. All of the pyramids that exist had a specific meaning, a specific understanding, a specific way that it operated, offering a teaching to those people at that time. And in the same way those people could understand it, we could understand it now. It’s just that it’s laid dormant all this time, waiting to be understood and seen one more time.

MM Well, I’ve heard from a very good source, that this book, called 7 Fires by Bearcloud of Sedona, Arizona is going to set the world on fire. And so people are hearing it first here at Trent Radio, up here in Canada, because we’re all behind you Bearcloud. You have done something spectacular. You use the word evolvement. So it’s going to help the evolvement of mankind.

BC Yes.

MM Thank you, thank you, thank you.

BC Wash-te. It’s reached those times. There’s a changing of the millenium that has transpired. It’s time for these ancient understandings to step forward one time and rejuvenate and reintegrate back into people’s worlds an ancient language that has been forgotten all this time and all has been operating on one leg, so to speak, and limping along in this material world not really understanding the true nature and the magnitude of the universe and the world that we live in and the things that we are connected to.

MM One thing that you mention on your website. People can go to to access all of his websites, but you have a picture of a dolphin starglyph and you said that you didn’t understand that starglyph until a later starglyph appeared and it was a chakra starglyph and I’d like you to speak about those a little bit.

BC Yes, that starglyph mystifyed people at the time. The mathematicians were looking at it strongly. There was a lot of conflict as to whether… there were manmade ones and hoaxes and things of that nature. But it appeared on the side of a very magical place in England called Golden Ball Hill. It got it’s name thousands of years ago because of the golden orbs that had been seen surrounding the hillside and it appeared just on the edge of it.

MM And that’s in England?

BC Yes. It’s in England, called Golden Ball Hill. It’s near the sacred sites that exist in the area. About four years later, a starglyph appeared in the same general area that was a series of circles that resembled a chakra system. Through my ability as a seer, I was gifted a vision that those circles contained stars and understanding that was meant for everyone. They were truly a magical set of chakra systems that I believe inter-relates throughout the entire expanse of the universe and we are very much related to the understanding that is found within those starglyphs creating a commonality that exists through everything. It was truly magical. But as I was working on that particular starglyph, I was gifted a vision about how that dolphin starglyph had appeared years before actually sit in this incredible way, in a magical way in this stargyph, showing it’s intent and intention that had mystified everyone at the time. But it was a beautiful correlation, it was magical. Literally magical.

MM It must be so much fun for you. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle or something and you keep finding answers to things that are mystifying.
BC Yes, the doors just open for me to be able to see these visions about what’s going on inside of it. I don’t really quest after those things so much as when I do a crossword puzzle and try to figure them out. They really come as a vision when I see them and unlock the understanding that exists in the same way as it did with the pyramids iof Egypt. When people see the information that has been uncovered about the pyramids, they’ll understand why the starglyphs are so important.

MM Before we go on about the pyramids, because I want to hear more about that,
I want to tell you how comforting your words are, in this world that’s going through such trials now, to hear such positivity from you and words of hope!

BC Thank you.

MM It’s awesome. One thing I’d like to read from your website about the dolphin starglyph and the chakra starglyph were these words ~ these are words that you can find on Bearcloud’s website folks, but also you’ll be able to buy his book that has this huge story of his journey. The book is called 7 Fires and you can purchase it at and we’ll talk a bit more about that but here’s an example of
some of the beautiful words you’ll read. So when we are talking about the dolphin starglyph: “The symbology was reflecting the deeper ways of universal and self-love. It expressed swimming into the waters of the universe and reflecting the greatest light. If one looks at the water when sun is reflecting on the water, it prisms the light into magical beams made of stars that reach into every direction. This is the essence of what we are gifted with when we are able to walk with these understandings as part of our everyday world.” That’s so beautiful and touching, Bearcloud.

BC Thank you. Wash-te.

MM Now a little bit more about the pyramids. You said there’s an underlying current
that caused them to be built the way that they were. Are they like a structure that allows a connection for people?

BC Absolutely. And the understanding of the pyramids and their construction is very hidden, very silent, but very much there and are meant for everyone. These starglyphs or these pyramids were, I believe, constructed to assist all the people of Egypt at that time. And assisted them to their higher paths and higher understandings. Each pyramid was completely different than the next. They may appear the same as you look at a picture of the three pyramids at the Giza plateau, they all appear the same but I can promise you they are completely different from each other, carrying a completely different type of understanding, literally a book within themselves, each one setting on the horizon of the Sahara Desert.

MM Well, you talk about the ancient people of Egypt and how evolved they truly were, so do you have an understanding of what went wrong there?


BC Yes. And I believe what happened was what generally happens across the board, really, even in this age and time. As time went along, the original people that constructed that and walked the path and journey at an altitude that really can’t be expressed in words; a connection to the earth, themselves and everything around them… that life could possibly have evolved to the point of them literally being able to move the stones of the pyramids themselves. And as time went along, bits and pieces of the information became lost to elements, many different ways, but perhaps through elements of greed and power, things of that nature. People wanting to hold onto it and not give it to someone else. So as time went along, and the millenium fell, one inside of the other, the original meanings of those starglyphs became lost and fell into the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. That’s the only way I know to express that.

MM Wow. How lucky are we to be alive on the planet right now when this is all unfolding before our very eyes.

BC Yes, it really is a truly magical understanding and I’m very excited about how this is going to assist people and the doors it’s going to open to help people on their journeys. There’s a tremendous dust storm blowing across this planet right now of disharmony and fear and many things going on thataway. These understandings have a way of calming that world. And putting it in a place where people can truly evolve to some of the highest places that exist in our universe.

MM Oh, I’m so excited to hear those words, Bearcloud, and I know so many people on the planet will be as well. And they’re hearing here from Trent Radio that you can go to and buy Bearcloud’s new book, 7 Fires, because I heard from a very good source, that this book is going to set the world on fire!

BC Wash-te. Thank you.


MM And the word that you have used is ‘evolvement’. So, for people, that’s the whole purpose of this show is to encourage people to help themselves, because if every single person on the planet would be the best person they could be, then we would live in heaven here on earth. And what you’re doing is offering people a chance at that; you’re saying that anybody can understand this. And people can look at your pictures and they’ll start to remember? Is this the general idea?

BC All I can say is that, once again, a picture can carry a thousand words: Hidden within them are infinite messages and infinite understanding. So, within my book here,
I have approximately 150 color pages of symbols and these hidden understandings of the pyramids that have been lost. The understanding of the starglyphs and all the hidden qualities there… everything, the solemn language that has been lost and forgotten over all of this time is expressed through these images. That’s the way I am: I’m a seer, a vision seeker, so that’s the way I’ll tell my story.

MM I think a lot of people on the planet are visual learners, too, so how lucky we are to have you to paint the way to our own truths!

BC Wash-te.

MM Now, images ~ the book is a huge book that you’ve written ~ you said 150 pages of images ~ but what kind of images are included in your book, Bearcloud? Are they of your paintings?

BC A few of my paintings are in there ~ the important, that tell some of the stories about how the journey is, or how they understand the journey. Natural qualities that exist on the earth. And it evolves from there into showing some of the important starglyphs that have been sent to this, given to this planet that reveal the higher elements from which we’re made. And I can tell you now that some of these starglyphs and the messages contained within them are every bit in alignment with the highest understanding that exists throughout the ancient indigenous cultures across the earth. Whether it’s the Hindus, the Bhuddists, Native American, Ancient Celts, things of that nature ~ that carry some of these higher truths ~ are weaved into these starglyphs and it’s an amazing language and opens up some brand new windows to be able to see some things that haven’t been seen before. Amazing.

MM I’m just getting chills, so those are all the truth bumps coming up.

BC Wash-te.

MM It’s incredible all of the things you are speaking about. Incredible in the biggest sense of that word, too. So, Bearcloud, with all of this book just starting, have you started writing your second book yet?

BC Well,you know there was a great, even, this book is 440 pages; and most of it’s a narrative with all of these images weaved into it. But you know, even with all that, I had to leave so much out that was incredibly important and all I could do, it was very difficult actually. I had to realize that I was going to have to do another book because there was just some really incredible understandings that need to reach out to the people that had been gifted from the stars. So, I guess in a way I have begun my second book because those images are sitting here ready to present themselves to the people, for what they carry and what’s within them.

MM Well, it’s incredible that you’ve got this book off, because I know you’re already involved with all of your paintings, your visionary art, and also we had you on Trent Radio before talking about the Chameleon Project, which I call the Garden of the Universe ~ if you’d like to tell people ~ how I explain it to friends ~ you’re building a pyramid structure with gardens with different countries in the world can choose a starglyph and then they build a beautiful garden to include in the Chameleon Project. So, can you tell us where you’re at with the Chameleon Project right now?

BC Yes. That was a vision that came to me about eight years ago that I have been diligently working on bringing to the surface and implementing. A giant glass solarium or dome structure ~ it’s massive in size ~ approximately 52 acres. Beneath it is a series of 200 gardens and within them are these starglyphs. It’s a magical place for people to come and visit. It’s designed to be visited from around the world. A magical place for artists, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, evolving their own ideas and own expressions ~ can come into a place like this and be so supported by what’s all around in these gardens to take these things to an even higher level. It demonstrates the common thread that exists through everyone. It’s a magical place and designed also with a glass pyramid in the centre of it and once people have read this book they are going to absolutely understand why I’m doing what I’m doing and how important it really is that it be there, so I’m hoping to gain a great deal of support from the people out there in bringing this into solidity, bringing it onto the planet, because it needs it so badly, so desperately. And it will help to such a degree that it’s hard to even express. And so I’m hoping that people can give it just a little bit to help bring it forward and bring it into reality and become a part of it themselves. A piece of this magical journey that’s important on the planet in these changing times. Becoming a part of what changes the planet into this sacred place that it really should be. You know and so I’m very excited about people being able to look at this and see what it’s about and understand it’s true nature and hopefully help to bring it into the forefront and onto the surface.

MM Well, I for one want to be a part of this world that you’ve envisioned. It’s something that’s just so awesome and incredible. I know a lot of people are wanting a world of love, peace, joy and happiness. So here we have a chance at it because now you’re actually giving us a map of how we can all be a part of it. So, thank you so much, Bearcloud!

BC Wash-te.

MM Before we wrap up the show, I’d like to ask you if there’s one starglyph in particular that has affected you more than another? I’m sure they all have in different ways, but is there one that is outstanding to you?

BC That would be hard. There are many, many of them that are incredibly special to me.
The one that maybe stands out the most is probably the one that had come to me in the very first. It had a symbol that I was gifted to envision five times this one month. It eventually appeared in the fields in England. It was a magical, unknown symbol that existed in a cave far… in fact up near where you are, in that general area, not in Toronto but not far, in some caves up there. Somebody had discovered it and it ended up being printed in a book. It was the only place I had seen the glyph and I spent years looking for it after it had come to me in a vision. I just kept it to myself, really; I didn’t do much with it. I used it through my own personal moons. And then all of a sudden one day it appeared magically in a field in England and quite honestly it’s one of the highest symbols there is.

MM Wow. And it’s in the book, Bearcloud?

BC Yes it is. And it has… what people don’t realize and what it reveals are the six different eyes that we look with as beings on this planet. Our physical eyes are only one of the God’s eyes that we look with. God’s eyes is a very ancient native symbol that goes way back. Another of the God’s eyes that we look with that’s important to our journey is the eye of the heart. Another one might be the eye of intuition.
There are three others that are important to us, but I’m afraid that I’ll have to let everybody discover those for themselves.

MM And they have to find how to begin that with your book, 7 Fires.

BC It’s in there… yes. It explains them in there. But perhaps people can take a journey and see those for themselves, too.

MM Well, we’re talking about ancient knowledge here, Bearcloud, that you’re gifting, in your way, to the world so other people can evolve as well.

BC Wash-te.

MM You created the website to honor the Star Nation People and that is where people can go to buy your book, right?

BC Yes, that’s right. Right on the front page there’s a direct link explaining and showing the images of what the book looks like and some of the information of what it’s about on the back cover and a place to purchase it. I’ve tried to put this book at an incredibly low price, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to maintain it. But it’s very inexpensive at this point in time. For a 440 page with 150 pages of colour, it’s only $29.95, so there you go.

BC Ok. So that’s incredible, Bearcloud. So here at Trent University, I know they’ll be getting a copy for their library; we’ll have to make sure of that. We thank you so much for sharing your story with us today and sharing it in the book 7 Fires. If anybody would like to be in touch with Bearcloud, it’s simple to start at and you can see his paintings at, but everything’s connected if you go from We’ve got so many things, Bearcloud; I don’t know how you have time, because you paint, you’ve got the Chameleon Project, you’ve got the 7 Fires, oh, and you’re travelling again, you’re going over to England this summer as well?

BC Right. But I would also like to mention to you is that one of the things I’ve created with this book that’s a little unusual is that I’ve created is what’s called a slipcase set and in there are three posters that reveal some of the more important discoveries I’ve made about the pyramids. They’re larger and more visible and you can see some of these important correlations that have been unseen for 5000 years. And also, a one hour DVD is in there. So over the past 12 years, one of the things I’ve created are visual expressions through animations where I’ve taken symbols such as the seven-sided snowflake that appeared in East Field and shown the hidden magic that exists with this overlapping moving geometry.

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