Adam McLeod ~ DreamHealer

Intention Heals!

The truth of those two words resonates in my heart, words I first heard from Adam DreamHealer. The truth of Adam is evidenced by his journey and I am so honoured to share his story.

Adam is author of Intention Heals and the DreamHealer series, including his amazing DVD that teaches how to visualize yourself to perfect health!

EXPERIENCE SELF-EMPOWERMENT at Adam’s one-day workshops as he merges the auras of all participants and performs group energy treatments. The molecular biologist, internationally renowned energy healer, best selling author and speaker orchestrates two unique group healings in his one-day workshops.

What you will learn at a DreamHealer workshop:


1. The molecular biology behind how our intentions create our reality;
2. How and why everyone should participate in their own healing;
3. How to create visualization routines for healing;
4. The use of visualizations as a healing tool;
5. The experience of two unique group energy treatments.

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