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Jeanne’s Jewels for February 4, 2011: The Cosmic One

It is of the utmost importance that you, who are One, think with your heart… not your mind. What does it feel like, coming from those long and sometimes arduous years of learning, to love self in order to become self less?
The art of peace-full ~ mind-fullness, where all life becomes a meditation. For the true mother of One is the cosmic egg where all circles back to zero point. The balance between weightlessness and weighty-Ness.
That awakening to the deep response-ability of discovering the purpose of life’s mission. The awakening of the flower of your being. Reaching out in love, like a tendril unfolds to the sun. Shine the beauty of your heart and allow the portals to appear as they will.

Jeanne’s Jewels for December 19, 2010: Happy Holy Daze

As the Winter Solstice Energy draws near we are walking two worlds…straddling time lines. Even as our outer world appears busier, our inner worlds are crying out for us to pay attention . To pay attention to the energies as they swirl around us but to live in the moment as we watch them. Sort of like your very own holiday movie. The “programmed” condition is to get caught in the frenzy of the great consumer war. This is a time when we must re-align ourselves with what speaks to our hearts and what moves our souls to express the highest levels of love.

These days are upon us now as many of us have experienced losing many of the people, places and perspectives we have held for the last decade.

2010 was a year of turning points for many with the need to really trust our intuition to guide us into the future . In short, many of us had to learn to fly by the seats of our pants because tomorrow seemed too uncertain for plans. We learned a lot about self expression.

The year 2011 will bring to us many choices about how we express ourselves in the future. And “sow” it continues. Ask yourself this…which seeds are you sowing right now? Are they seeds of gratitude or discontent? Please indulge yours’elf for a moment and take the time to really look at the video playing in your life movie right now. Are there any “reals” that need to be changed? Are there any switches that need to be flipped?

The energies of this Winter Solstice are threefold. Solstice gives us the power to go within to find the jewels. Into the crystal caves of our innermost desires without the confines, parameters and limitations of the material world.

More Jewels :) December 20, 2010

Well by k-now you may be feeling a big turning point. Where on the wheel of fate do you choose to wander now? This is a time to stand in your power, but not necessarily do you need to do it alone. Sometimes you may want to do it alone but then circumstances force you to reach for the hand of another…or to God…which is yourself…looking out from the inside. Beaming your way into your next reality.

We are born with free will and that means the freedom of choice. It is a time to balance the scales and anything and anyone who does not feel right when you go within for the gut reaction, will be presenting new ways for you to deal with old issues and emotional triggers.

Old perspectives, situations and relationships must be re-Leased if we are to survive the current contractions and screams from Mother Earth. She is ready to spew all that tastes like bile in her mouth. The toxins will be washed clean so that we may ride the waves of the new energies coming in fast and sometimes furious.

Just as the mother will release her toxins, so too will we be presented with choices and ways to re-Lease ours. This is a time when we must learn to adjust our ways of thinking and to become more adaptable and flowing in the moment.

Remember…there is nothing more permanent than flow so look before you leap or be swept away in the sea of discontent. Jump into all that makes your heart sing with faith that you will be guided into safe ports. You don’t have to be the driver this time, just sit back, relax and in-Joy the ride.

Winter Solstice- December 21, 2010

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

The day has finally arrived when the world as we know it will change. At this time, we are all poised on the threshold for some very new beginnings as well as a complete purging of all that is old in our systems. This will affect all areas of our daily lives, whether it be our outer world or our inner world for they are one and the same.

This will become very evident in the days leading up to the new year, the new decade. Just as the oceans will swell and the earth will shift, so too will the tides of our emotions. We will begin to connect them to our home base, which is the root of our existence. Every movement of our mother earth will create a doorway into other timelines, other realities. Some will fall through the cracks but others will learn to straddle those timelines…to be in the world but to understand that it is much bigger than we have ever imagined. The law of cause and effect will be very evident. The law of balance will rule.

We are in a period where there is much brewing, like a great pot of soup and it is reaching the boiling point. It is not a time to make decisions or be impulsive. Let the soup cool for awhile and infuse each day with love and gratitude. This may require you to step away from the media for awhile in order to hear what your thoughts are cooking up. In some parts of the world, this may have to be done with force and so the weather will reflect the emotions and thought patterns of its inhabitants. It will also reflect past environmental choices and awareness. The effect will generate an urgency to find a solution to the cause.

The shifts happening now are rooted in the year 1984 and there will be some writings in George Orwell’s book that will come full circle for humanity to experience.

This does not mean we should live in fear or to panic about what our future will hold. It is a call to arms. To arm our minds with peace and serenity…to arm our bodies with good soulful food and to arm our spirits with the vibration of Love.

To live in fear is to live without vision. Hope for something better is not vision, it is a way of giving our power away to something or someone outside of ourselves.

Vision requires conscious intent, visualization and action. At this time all we have to do is keep our mental pictures positive. It is a time to detach ourselves from anyone or anything that distracts us from being centered, balanced and peaceful in the moment.

There is a fork in the road at this time. There are two trains rolling into our earth station. Each one is poised to go somewhere. If you had two tickets before you and one was to Heaven on Earth and the other one was to Hell…which one will you choose?


© Jeanne L. Thompson

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